Custom Phpbb3 theme, images problem

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Custom Phpbb3 theme, images problem

Beitrag von helder7 » Fr 31. Aug 2012, 16:42

Currently, im using the theme artodia helion for phpbb3 ->

theme patch:

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I did upload all images to the correspondent sub-folders (keeping prosilver images struture) in this theme folder

however, the images are not appearing:

in downloads index

rating system:

rating system code in html page (is the missing link of images):

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<dl class="row bg1">
					<dd class="lastpost"><div id="rating_1"><a onclick="AJAXDLVote(1, 1); return false;" href="#"></a><a onclick="AJAXDLVote(1, 2); return false;" href="#"></a><a onclick="AJAXDLVote(1, 3); return false;" href="#"></a><a onclick="AJAXDLVote(1, 4); return false;" href="#"></a><a onclick="AJAXDLVote(1, 5); return false;" href="#"></a></div></dd>
addditional info:
i added this lines in forum/styles/art_helion/imageset/imageset.cfg

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img_dl_blue = dl_blue.png*22*22
img_dl_default = dl_default.png*32*32
img_dl_edit = dl_edit.png*32*32
img_dl_file_edit = dl_file_edit.png*16*16
img_dl_file_new = dl_file_new.png*16*16
img_dl_green = dl_green.png*22*22
img_dl_grey = dl_grey.png*22*22
img_dl_new = dl_new.png*32*32
img_dl_new_edit = dl_new_edit.png*32*32
img_dl_rate_no = dl_rate_no.png*22*22
img_dl_rate_yes = dl_rate_yes.png*22*22
img_dl_button = dl_button.png*44*204
img_dl_red = dl_red.png*22*22
img_dl_white = dl_white.png*22*22
img_dl_yellow = dl_yellow.png*22*22
any help will be welcome. This downloads mod works without any problem with prosilver theme,...

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Re: Custom Phpbb3 theme, images problem

Beitrag von oxpus » Fr 31. Aug 2012, 17:07

Sorry, but about the endless existing styles for the phpBB 3 I'll not support them.
Please regard that I have first to examine the style, too, to be able to modify the mod templates.
This can cost a lot of time which I've not alltimes have.
So sorry, I must deny the support for your request...

For a really first ans very short look into this style I've found the entries

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before/after each table.
This may be inserted in the download mod template files, too, to combine them correctly in the art_helion-style.

But for more I must realy pass...
Karsten Ude

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Re: Custom Phpbb3 theme, images problem

Beitrag von helder7 » Fr 31. Aug 2012, 23:30

Finnaly after lots of research, problem fixed!