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Updateplan Download Extension

Beitrag von oxpus » Mi 30. Okt 2019, 19:59

In order to make the download extension fit for the upcoming phpBB versions, the general revision of the extension was initiated.
Below the list of the current developments that are not necessarily processed in this order.
A release time is not specified, because the extension will be developed at each free time slot and not by a fulltime job.


Development statuslist:

UPDATE prettyPhoto to 3.1.6

ADD central init script for acp modules

CHANGE split acp modules in separate module files
  • banlist
  • browser
  • categories
  • config
  • ext_blacklist
  • fields
  • files
  • overview
  • perm_check
  • permissions
  • stats
  • toolbox
  • traffic
CHANGE use phpBB confirm_box() in ACP modules

ADD central init script for controllers

CHANGE extension modules to controller
  • bug_tracker
  • categories
  • details
  • footer
  • hacks_list
  • latest
  • load
  • modcp (to be replaced by MCP module)
  • overview
  • rss (template update needed)
  • search
  • stats
  • thumbs
  • todo
  • upload
  • user_config (to be dropped!)
  • version
CHANGE extension static classes to container classes
  • auth
  • cache
  • counter
  • email (to be replaces by notifications)
  • extra
  • files
  • format
  • hacklist
  • init
  • main
  • nav
  • physical
  • privacy
  • status
  • topic
  • dlmod (to be dropped!)
CHANGE use phpBB confirm_box() in controllers

MOVE modcp to phpbb MCP module

ADD services_controller.yml for all controllers

ADD services_container.yml for all class containers

ADD new services-yml-files to services.yml

ADD table.yml with all table definitions

ADD table.yml to services.yml

CHANGE routing.yml for new path definitions

MOVE contants into own class

MOVE notifications to phpbb notification system
  • Check popup notification
  • Check board header notification
DROP separate user config module