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Updateplan Download Extension

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In order to make the download extension fit for the next phpBB version 3.3.x and upcoming releases the general revision of the extension was initiated.
Below the list of the current developments that are not necessarily processed in this order.
A release time is not specified, because the extension will be developed at each free time slot and not by a fulltime job.

Development statuslist:

DONE: (prepared for second test stage: the hardcore functions tests)
UPDATE prettyPhoto to 3.1.6
ADD central init script for acp modules
CHANGE split acp modules in separate module files
CHANGE use phpBB confirm_box() in ACP modules
CHANGE extension static classes to container
ADD services_acp.yml for all ACP container
ADD central init script for controllers
FIX remove additional line feeds in category descriptions in ACP category index
MOVE notifications to phpbb notification system (No changes here, the original notification methods will still be in place)
ADD interfaces to containers
ADD services_container.yml for all containers
ADD new services-yml-files to services.yml
CHANGE routing.yml for new path definitions
MOVE table-, folder- and other constants to container
MOVE cache folder to phpbb default cache folder
MOVE files folder to phpbb files folder
MOVE remain traffic counter to phpBB configuration
CHANGE ACP modules into containers with central starting module and interfaces
CHANGE UCP module into containers with central starting module and interfaces
CHANGE use phpBB confirm_box() in controllers

Current stage: Testing each single module and script for general errors:

CHANGE extension modules to controller and interfaces
  • ajax
  • broken
  • fav
  • feed (rss, template updated)
  • help
  • bug_tracker (modul renamed to "tracker")
  • categories (modul renamed to "index")
  • details
  • footer (interface added)
  • hackslist
  • latest
  • load
  • modcp (replaced by MCP modules)
  • navigation (interface added)
  • overview (modul renamed to "overall")
  • search
  • stats
  • thumbs
  • todo
  • unbroken
  • unfav
  • upload
  • user_config (dropped - link in extension footer dropped, too)
  • version
MOVE modcp to phpBB modules with central starting modules for containers

ADD time tags wrappings for each published timestamp

And at least:
CHANGE Extension release number to x.y.z