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  • Download Extension 8.2.5
     Kategorie: phpBB 3.3.x Extensions
    Die konvertierte Download Extension für das phpBB 3.2.x und 3.3.x
    Status: Gold

    Changes from last release:
    FIX Checking files are still included
    FIX Check using Twig syntax on template files
    FIX Move "checked" and "select" to template files
    FIX Using data attributes on elements for jQuery events
    FIX Various template issues
    FIX Various Javascript issues
    FIX Delete unused variables
    FIX Check declarations of several $this elements
    FIX Using case sensitive on external URL
    FIX Missing protokoll on external URL
    FIX Escaping variables on sql statements
    FIX Several smaller bugs and typos
    FIX Ministats in footer incomplete
    FIX Error message after disable the extension
    FIX Some typos in german language files (THX @ Talk19zehn)
    CHANGE Using jQuery for all onclick and onchange events
    CHANGE Use select and checked on radio and checkbox
    CHANGE Convert field classes to symfony services
    CHANGE Combine latest and overview controller
    CHANGE Reduce duplicate codes for permission checks
    CHANGE Move sorting dropdowns to core controller
    CHANGE Move mini icons and ratings to seperate template files
    CHANGE Move captcha active checks to core controller
    CHANGE Drop migrations and support for 7.x releases
    CHANGE Drop banlist functions
    CHANGE Relaunch CSS design (THX @ Talk19zehn)
    CHANGE Move submitting a download to core controller
    CHANGE Recheck german and english language packages (THX @ Mike-on-tour)

    Events List: https://phpbb3.oxpus.net/eventslist/?el_id=2

    GitHub: https://github.com/oxpus/Download-32-Extension