• Name
  • Download Extension 8.2.14
     Kategorie: phpBB 3.3.x Extensions
    Die konvertierte Download Extension für das phpBB 3.2.x und 3.3.x
    Status: Gold

    Changes from last release:
    ADD Show main download thumbnails on cat view enabled by cat settings
    ADD Show main download thumbnails on overall view, latest list and search results if enabled (each list seperately)
    CHANGE Simplification of some conditions
    FIX Dropping URL path on external download in ACP module
    FIX Malfunction template on edit basic permissions for multiple selected categories
    FIX Guests permissions to view and download files
    FIX Thumbnail update on download edit will distroy all existing thumbnails
    FIX Enable extra informations on adding a new download
    FIX PHP 8.2 compatibility
    FIX some error.log issues

    Events List: https://phpbb3.oxpus.net/eventslist/?el_id=2

    GitHub: https://github.com/oxpus/Download-Extension