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  • Download Extension 8.2.11
     Kategorie: phpBB 3.3.x Extensions
    Die konvertierte Download Extension für das phpBB 3.2.x und 3.3.x
    Status: Gold

    Changes from last release:
    ADD Hint on the ACP Downloads Module to use the default upload form for new and not exsisting files as form description
    ADD Dropdown of unused files while creating a new download in the ACP for a new "internal" download
    ADD Hint on the default upload form for existing files to use the ACP Downloads module for this as form description (Add a hint for not existing unused files)
    ADD Preview function for todo entries
    ADD New event for new pages in download details from add ons
    FIX Missing extension hints on default upload form
    FIX Display thumbnail transparencies
    CHANGE Replace htmlspecialchars_decode() with html_entity_decode($string, ENT_COMPAT)
    CHANGE Recode thumbnail function

    Events List: https://phpbb3.oxpus.net/eventslist/?el_id=2

    GitHub: https://github.com/oxpus/Download-32-Extension