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Download Extension 8.2.3

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Die konvertierte Download Extension für das phpBB 3.2.x und 3.3.x
Status: Gold

Changes from last release:
FIX Double fetching download index data
FIX Purge hotlink data
FIX Reduce cache overload
FIX Increase performanve on overall view
FIX Increase performance on latest view
FIX Missing permission view for individual groups
FIX Spending to much time while getting file sizes

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Dieser Download wurde Di 4. Feb 2020, 20:02 von oxpus hinzugefügt und zuletzt Sa 10. Apr 2021, 22:29 von oxpus bearbeitet • Letzter Download Di 13. Apr 2021, 23:33

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phpBB 3.2.10 / phpBB 3.3.3


phpBB 3.2.x or phpBB 3.3.x, PHP 7 recommended


FIX MCP Link in board navigation
FIX Deleting/moving unassigned files with ACP toolbox

CHANGE Download method to a modern one
FIX Debug errors on disabled rating system
FIX Notification controllers
FIX Shorten descript [...]
Javascript completly changed to be reduced to a minimum
Change template variables to uniform nam [...]
Fix layout formats and trailing whitespaces on several files
ADD Option to allow/disallow accessing by bots
FIX Generate/update download topics
FIX Events on controller
FIX Migration files
FIX Language files
CHANGE Replace exit; on physical controller with exit_hander() function
ADD Re-enable downloading files via ACP toolbox module
FIX Display download release files and im [...]
CHANGE ACP radio elements into nice switches
CHANGE Include js and css files
CHANGE Refresh [...]
FIX Loosing thumbnail on change file category within ACP module
FIX Missing file extension on ad [...]
FIX Access to thumbnails and version images on Apache 2.4.x (THX @TazDevilBZH)
ADD Default routing to /forumroot/dlext
FIX Links to download on posts
FIX Migration basic s [...]
ADD Event on post a download comment
ADD Event on download a file
FIX Object type descriptio [...]
FIX Duplicate event name
FIX Can rate multiple from different pages
ADD Missing language string for new downloads
ADD Quick link for "Your downloads"
ADD Downlo [...]
FIX Thumbnail view on download edit
FIX Missing nav and footer on version edit formular
FIX [...]
FIX Replace download file directly
FIX Install / uninstall extension
FIX Missing phpBB auth class for default controller
FIX Missing auth access for default controller
FIX Format post links to downloads
CHANGE Rebuild MCP modules
FIX reCaptcha v3 compliant
FIX Malfunction BBCodes on hacklist
FIX BBCode formattings on hac [...]
ADD Support to reCaptcha v3
FIX Download links in topics
FIX Layout for download button and [...]
FIX Code design errors
ADD Inclease using cache data to speed up the extension
ADD Inclease using cache data to speed up the extension
DROP User agents module, user agents management, user agents list and ban entries for this
ADD . [...]
FIX Different security leaks
FIX Line end codings in some files
CHANGE Usergroups sorted and marked for special usergroups


Thank you for the numerous ideas and error messages to make this version perfect.
this version 8.1 was perfect thanks!

Datei-Hash-Tabelle [md5] c27257349fd894419450080dab1c6d57 [md5] 94e32068682d143286f6d2c536c6068e [md5] 788cc72753c052f3e688e9b3e8f9c85f [md5] 8930a3ab28002b9ba19a00df6f22071d [md5] 0075cfd0403bf9c4d469c7fbce838894 [md5] 5f096e855e8acf0e3c7c049a0d51ecf4 [md5] 078cad17b9740bd137e5f417c09fbfec [md5] 8c2bd3b324e54d8d1ee6977f0c269951 [md5] 2a04517fb796038178bbd20b4b68ebf7 [md5] c2cad39def8ffe171c20939e59776e0b [md5] 16517f4e6028c137bd7533cdda594e0a [md5] 8aad3b7a4090a0b455012e924368d111 [md5] 3ba11870ed3a06e2b24e4e15290aca6c [md5] f4670002ce3957347db31699b2b99aba [md5] 1bb251cef4ad5709bcd9ada2b7a6bae2 [md5] d55d9bb57e562d5bcbebde8f388e907f [md5] 89cf6dc030726d5dd086944700ce4508 [md5] 57403b393ce63496f2c49a42cf507392 [md5] dd3c311ca062366968f5c9626fc220b7 [md5] bef8d795e1eb0f112c5e03d7752df254 [md5] ca53e69e8560f69f3f72c18f6ead0f7f [md5] 9e00b9bde2862f95b009e126e3b1d1b9 [md5] 94280a5696257cc0856bc4811ba250ce [md5] 2d69ba79ba6ddb6374c79ddba7298dc4 [md5] 6629d2e7c845697ced5a32238121bd04 [md5] 8328007edfa742eb1514fe89d906701b [md5] fea5d8d80dd62b216f4445bf22a6480f [md5] 4099f67f617e194aaf30c4a54dc1f480 [md5] da73c3463c2dad43d0d4ae6ef69366da [md5] 0718be769e030b1c7c28a09d90212612 [md5] aaf160729b00eba0578757b444431efa [md5] 3cc3e8b3d1242d8eaf125abed8588bfe

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