Personal Notes 3.1.9

Diese Modifikation stellt einen Bereich für persönliche Notizen bereit, den ausser dem User kein anderer einsehen kann.
An Notizen kann man sich dazu erinnern lassen.

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Thanks for this hints.
I'll update the extension asap.
To solve this I edited the main.php and changed the includes to include_once:

include_once($this->root_path . 'includes/functions_user.' . $this->php_ext);
include_once($this->root_path . 'includes/functions_display.' . $this->php_ext);
include_once($this->root_path . 'includes/bbcode.' . $this->php_ext);

This happens at forum/notes/ (I've a lot of extensions so probably I am including already some of those functions files already.
I can't reproduce this error.
On which action this error will be displayed?
It stopped working at 3.2.9 :(

I get: Cannot redeclare phpbb_module_zebra() (previously declared in /forum/includes/functions_user.php:3748)

Extra Informationen

Extension getestet auf/mit

phpBB 3.2.10


phpBB 3.2.x / 3.3.x

Datei-Hash-Tabelle [md5] ec4cf9005f6945b3e6e49a0f9962e594 [md5] 8fe539d782496d9d16aa25d48287ff6b [md5] ffd3c891b61ccac1529195486e527dcf [md5] 2bb73f867ebbb28999ea237d651ab905 [md5] 87218207b9bb9f111a2594893b372254 [md5] 868fecb772958aacd69a15738c43154b [md5] 0108b81bd1dcd7923a44e4a60c82a4d1 [md5] 0304c42659709801c41790f58e636c17 [md5] 8cacced48008815666e900b57b5beba1 [md5] 88cf4d30adec0f201a990331cf211f6e

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